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Dyslexia Intervention & Language Development

Debbie Ehrhardt


Winchester, Virginia

Debbie Ehrhardt,

Winchester, VA


[email protected]

Debbie’s formal education began with a BS in General Education. Upon graduation, she moved into the IT industry where she provided end-user instruction and software training for fourteen years. She obtained her Masters in Special Education to support her son who struggled in the local public school. After watching him lose his excitement for learning, she and her husband chose to homeschool him and later their daughter. 

Her formal education and personal experience blended perfectly, affording her the ability to successfully support the needs of a variety of learners. She enjoys working with students of all ages, from pre-K to adult, and has students who attend public, private and homeschool. She is comfortable managing the IEP process and has developed a solid base of community support services for students with special needs. Her students are atypical learners who experience varying degrees of learning challenges including dyslexia, dysgraphia, hearing loss/cochlear implants, receptive/expressive language disorders, disorder of written expression, executive function disabilities, and high functioning autism spectrum disorders. Each student presents her with a challenge which she compassionately, creatively and eagerly strives to address while providing them with a greater understanding of how they learn.

Credentials include::

Current Virginia license Special Ed, - General Curriculum K-12

Educational Therapist/Professional from The Association of Educational Therapists

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner Equipping Minds Level II

M.A.T, Special Education from Liberty University B.S..

Education from George Mason University

My Remediation Specialties:

  • Reading Deficits phonological processing, comprehension, decoding, encoding/spelling, semantics, vocabulary development
  • Writing Composition encoding/spelling, structure, syntax, essay writing
  • Writing Mechanics dysgraphia, visual/spatial processing
  • Learning Games
  • Skill Development Executive Functioning, Critical Thinking, Study Skills